About Me


I was born and raised in a small town in southern Virginia and didn't even realize I had an accent until I moved out west to attend college in Utah. Even though I've lost most of my accent over the years, I still like to throw around a good y'all every now and then.


I've always loved writing, and even as a small girl, I could be found huddled in my room scribbling out poems and short stories. I think the moment I knew I wanted to be a writer was when I came home every afternoon in fifth grade and typed out my first "book" on an old typewriter. Nowadays, my stories are a little easier to record, thanks to my trusty laptop that goes everywhere with me!


I'm now blessed to be a mother of five children—all boys!— who keep me very busy. There's never a dull moment around our house! And not to brag too much, but I may or may not be the Just Dance champion in my house... :)


My love for YA books really cultivated as an adult. I love the thrill of falling in love for the first time and being able to capture those emotions on the page. I love writing YA and I love reading YA—'nuff said!

Kristin Smith

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