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Discussion Questions for Catalyst



1) Why do you think Sienna turns to a life of crime after the death of her father?

2) Why does Sienna agree to kill Harlow Ryder? Does she have any other options?

3) Do you think Sienna is a good person? Why or why not?

4) What do you think about Sienna’s decision to join the Fringe? Was it a good one?

5) Why does Sienna decide to get an internal butterfly tattoo? What is the symbolism behind the butterfly for her?

6) What do you think of the idea of genetic matchmaking? Would you want to be matched to the “perfect” person for you?

7) Are you Team Trey or Team Zane? Why?

8) Sienna had a chance to kill Radcliffe, but she didn’t do it. What do you think about her decision? What would you have done?

9) When Trey wakes up, he doesn’t remember Sienna. Do you think this is short-term memory loss or something else?

10) What do you think of the idea of genetic modification? Would you have wanted your parents to choose your genetic traits, or do you think it’s better to let nature decide? As a parent, would you want to handpick the characteristics of your child so you have complete control over the outcome of their genetic makeup?

11) What do you think of the idea that genetic modification can get rid of certain diseases that plague our society? Would it be worth it?

12) Sienna learns throughout the story that her father, Ben Preston, had a former name and former life. Why do you think Ben Preston faked his death and changed his name? If you were Sienna, how would it make you feel to learn that about your father?

13) What is one common theme throughout the story? What are some examples of this theme?

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